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    Bill Leinweber's mission is to help businesses and organizations grow by combining efficient processes with great customer and employee experience.

    Bill is the Chief Experience Officer & Owner of Landmark Experience LLC, a consultancy, where he loves to help business leaders walk in their customers' shoes and devise memorable and meaningful experiences for both customers, guests, visitors, employees and business partners. After all, have you ever heard of customer loyalty and business growth without GREAT customer experience?

    Bill's 30 year career spans retail and office products distribution operations in both small, family-owned and global mega-businesses. He has managed customer service operations, sales support, customer on-boarding and business intelligence teams while also serving as an internal consultant and subject matter expert. Bill has helped his past employers improve their customer engagement processes and achieve their goals of customer experience excellence and loyalty.

    Bill loves to talk and speak about customer experience as well, so don't be afraid to ask!

    Bill Leinweber
    Landmark Experience

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About This Blog

Welcome to the Know Experience Necessary blog!  Sure, it’s a play on words –


As in knowing a great experience from a bad one.  Knowing what makes a customer experience better.  And necessary because so much of business success can hinge on the loyalty generated by high quality customer experience.

Customer Experience is my passion!

The kind of experience where you actually stop and say to yourself, “Wow!  That was great!  I feel awesome!  They care about me!”  Unfortunately, those types of customer experiences are few and far between.  But we can change all that with vision and a little imagination.

My Customer Experience Switch is Always On

I can’t help but evaluate customer experiences.  Mine, yours, ours… any experience.  I’m fascinated by both the lack of attention given to customer experience as well as those businesses and companies that really shine, the ones that have deliberately and cohesively devoted creativity and passion to Customer Experience.  So I started this blog to share some of my own observations and hopefully some wisdom and definitely some fun.  That said, I don’t take myself too seriously, love to write and love to share my sense of humor.

Feel free to share your comments and thanks for reading this.  I sincerely hope my posts make you think – and laugh!

Bill Leinweber
Chief Experience Officer / Owner
Landmark Experience LLC

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