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    Bill Leinweber's mission is to help businesses and organizations grow by combining efficient processes with great customer and employee experience.

    Bill is the Chief Experience Officer & Owner of Landmark Experience LLC, a consultancy, where he loves to help business leaders walk in their customers' shoes and devise memorable and meaningful experiences for both customers, guests, visitors, employees and business partners. After all, have you ever heard of customer loyalty and business growth without GREAT customer experience?

    Bill's 30 year career spans retail and office products distribution operations in both small, family-owned and global mega-businesses. He has managed customer service operations, sales support, customer on-boarding and business intelligence teams while also serving as an internal consultant and subject matter expert. Bill has helped his past employers improve their customer engagement processes and achieve their goals of customer experience excellence and loyalty.

    Bill loves to talk and speak about customer experience as well, so don't be afraid to ask!

    Bill Leinweber
    Landmark Experience

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Smart Phones Are Slowing Down the World

Maybe it’s just me but, have you noticed this too? You’re in your car sitting at a red light, a few cars back. The light turns green. Are you waiting longer than you used to for traffic to start moving? I think so too! It seems like it takes forever for traffic to get moving. In fact, if you’re the fifth, sixth or seventh car back, you may not even make it through the traffic light on the first green. Hey, hang on a second. If you’re reading this post at a red light, put down your smart phone and put both hands back on the wheel! Okay, now look at the car next to you, in front of you or behind you. Is the driver starring into their smart phone? Aha! See what I mean?

When the light turns green, no one sees that it’s green. Everyone has their head down checking email or texting or watching that cool YouTube video. Then suddenly, oh yeah, back to driving. And after much hesitation, a few cars FINALLY start moving forward. Not like the old days when putting on lipstick or hot coffee caused distracted driving. (Have you ever tried putting on lipstick while holding a hot coffee? I gave that up long ago).

I’m glad you’ve also noticed this phenomena. So, how does the smart phone slow down the world? Well, think about it. Something like 50% of Americans have smart phones. So if there’s 10 cars at a traffic light and half of the driver’s are Tweeting or texting and that causes a 1-2 second delay for those drivers to start driving once the light turns green, that’s a 5-10 second delay at each traffic light. Now multiply that by the bazillions of cars and traffic lights around the country and the world and well, you get the picture. The physical movement of the motor vehicle world is being delayed a zillion times a second! We’re at risk of commerce coming to a screeching halt. Oh wait, been there, done that.

Not to mention that smart-phoning and driving is insanely unsafe. It’s actually crazytown. Oh sure States like Ohio and New York and others have passed their cutesy laws about cell phone use or no texting and driving but let’s get serious. My friend in New York just says, “Hang on, there’s a cop … (put’s her phone down) … okay, I can talk again…” Lots of cities have passed “anti-texting” ordinances but, let’s get serious for a moment. How will they enforce it? “Um, officer, I wasn’t texting. I was typing in my GPS location for routing directions for Google” or “I was looking up my mom’s phone number so I can call her, um, hands free!”

Did I mention I was just as guilty as you are? I walk the dog while reading email on my smart phone which is only slightly less unsafe than doing it at a red light. I’m just merely making the observation.

Remember when seat belts weren’t standard safety requirements in motor vehicles? I only barely remember. So don’t be surprised if we see some deep integration of smart phone technology into automobiles such as, the smart phone has to be “docked” into the dashboard of the car or the car won’t start. I foresee universal plugs and docking stations. Everything will be hands-free and voice commanded. And if Google has their way, the vehicle will simply “drive itself” using their maps and GPS technology, which would actually be great when you think about it. We can all just hop into the back seat and text and email and surf the net to our heart’s content.

Until then, put your damn phone down and put those hands back on the wheel! Light’s green!

P.S. I’m not sure what this has to do with customer experience except maybe the customer experience of driving. Okay, you’re right. That’s a stretch.

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