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    Bill Leinweber's mission is to help businesses and organizations grow by combining efficient processes with great customer and employee experience.

    Bill is the Chief Experience Officer & Owner of Landmark Experience LLC, a consultancy, where he loves to help business leaders walk in their customers' shoes and devise memorable and meaningful experiences for both customers, guests, visitors, employees and business partners. After all, have you ever heard of customer loyalty and business growth without GREAT customer experience?

    Bill's 30 year career spans retail and office products distribution operations in both small, family-owned and global mega-businesses. He has managed customer service operations, sales support, customer on-boarding and business intelligence teams while also serving as an internal consultant and subject matter expert. Bill has helped his past employers improve their customer engagement processes and achieve their goals of customer experience excellence and loyalty.

    Bill loves to talk and speak about customer experience as well, so don't be afraid to ask!

    Bill Leinweber
    Landmark Experience

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Choose to Inspire the Experience

We each have within us the ability to influence, to inspire the experience of another person every time we engage with someone. We choose whether our influence will come from a place of positive or negative energy.  A phrase that I once read that stuck with me –

“Be kinder than necessary;
For everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

So my advice is: Choose to share your positive energy. Choose to Inspire –

Inspire hope.
Inspire confidence.
Inspire questions.
Inspire courage.
Inspire ideas.
Inspire change.
Inspire understanding.
Inspire thought.
Inspire thoughtfulness.
Inspire gratitude.
Inspire reconciliation.
Inspire giving.
Inspire forgiveness.
Inspire talent.
Inspire wonder.
Inspire song.
Inspire encouragement.
Inspire passion.
Inspire perseverance.
Inspire pursuits.
Inspire conversation.
Inspire laughter.
Inspire strength.
Inspire dreams.
Inspire bridges.
Inspire why’s.
Inspire connections.
Inspire color.
Inspire possibilities.

Pick one, or another and Inspire the Experience

2 Responses

  1. Nice post and nice quote!
    Your beginning lines are somewhat similar in theme to a post I recently made. http://spreadingblessings.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/choose-your-position-wisely/

    I make posts regularly that are intended to inspire!

    Thanks for this one!

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